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Extended Source Double-Gate Tunnel FET with Improved DC and Analog /RF Performance


In this work, we propose an extended source double-gate TFET (ESDG-TFET) to enhance the DC and analog/RF performance. The source of ESDG-TFET is extended into channel to increase the line and point tunnelling in the device at source-channel junction. 2D simulations in TCAD tool (ATLAS) are carried out to analyse and investigate the performance of proposed device. At optimized device structural parameters, the ESDG-TFET provides low threshold voltage of 0.42 V, low subthreshold swing of 12.24 mV/dec and high ION /IOFF of 2.57× 1012 . Furthermore, the proposed device achieves a maximum transconductance of 238 μS/μm, cut-off frequency of 37.7 GHz and gain band-width product of 3.4 GHz.

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