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A Novel Virtual Power Protection System with control and automatic self-healing


This paper presents Virtual power protection system (VPPS) for control and automatic healing of Power System. VPPS is a system that can be implemented in control centre to detect any system abnormalities in a power system. In a self-healed power system, unplanned outages and abnormalities could be prevented through better prediction, analysis and control. Recognition and diagnosis of fault conditions has a significant role that may prevent disturbances extension and spreading to other healthy parts of the power system. The VPPS is developed in NI LabVIEW environmentwhich analyses different types of power system faults like over/under voltage, over/under frequency, short circuit and line to ground faults etc. and automatically protects and heals the systems.The simulation results are presented to illuminate the effectiveness of the VPPS under different abnormal condition of power system.

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